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Big 12 Tournament Final: Point Spread & Prediction

The Longhorns enter tonight as the underdog.
The Longhorns enter tonight as the underdog.

Well the end of the Big 12 conference tournament is tonight as the Texas Longhorns face off against regular season champion Kansas. You can check out a preview of the game written here by Evan.

In retrospect this has been a very abnormal year for me in making point spread predictions as I have been correct far more than I originally expected. The opening round of the Big 12 tournament was a setback for me as I only got 1 of 4 games correct. So let's see how far off I can be in my prediction for tonight's game.

Let me know your thoughts as well on how you think things will turn out.


Texas Longhorns vs Kansas Jayhawks - The Jayhawks are a 4 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: I am going to have to go with the Jayhawks in this one as they will have revenge on their minds I am guessing as Texas earlier beat KU in Lawrence to break KU's home record winning streak. As Evan said in his preview the Morris twins for KU will be too much for Texas down low and I think the KU guards will hit some timely three pointers to give KU the win and the cover.