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Results: Big 12 Point Spread Predictions From Saturday Feb. 5, 2011

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Yesterday was an interesting day in the Big 12 as a couple of games came right down to the end with some exciting finishes while some other games were kind of yawners.

I made my point spread predictions yesterday morning so its time to go in and see if I would have won any money or lost anything. My game predictions from Saturday morning and actual results below. 

Game Spreads and My Predictions Below.

 Kansas State Wildcats at Iowa State Cyclones - The Wildcats enter as a 3.5 point favorite even though they have yet to get a road conference win.   

MY PREDICTION:  Even though I think there is a decent chance Iowa State hits a bunch of 3's and wins this game I am going to say K-State wears down the Cyclones and does just enough to win the game and cover this spread. Maybe like a 5-6 point win.

RESULT: Well I was right in the fact that KSU would win the game but they did not cover the spread with their 86-85 win.


Oklahoma Sooners @ Oklahoma State Cowboys - It's Bedlam and the Cowboys are a big favorite at 9.5 points over the very hot Sooners.

MY PREDICTION: Too big of a line for me, I will go with OU to cover the spread but Oklahoma State to win the game.

RESULT:  Well I got this one correct as the Cowboys only won by six points 81-75.


Baylor Bears @ Texas A&M Aggies - A fairly low line I think as the Aggies are only a 5 point favorite in this one.  

MY PREDICTION: I have zero confidence in Baylor on the road and am guessing A&M will come out and play much better today. I like the Aggies to cover this spread today and regain some confidence.

RESULT: The Bears stormed out in this one and ended up defeating A&M in OT by a score of 76-74. My prediction couldn't have been more wrong.


Kansas Jayhawks @ Nebraska Cornhuskers - The Jayhawks travel to Lincoln and enter as a 6 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: While the last time these teams played Nebraska led most of the way and is now playing at home I think Kansas is just playing at a totally different level now. The Jayhawks are simply making every shot they put up it seems so I am going with KU to cover this spread. I like KU to win by 10-15 points on the road.

RESULT: KU ran away with this one by a score of 86-66 so I hit on this one. The Jayhawks seem like a good bet lately to cover the spread as they are rolling at the moment.


Colorado Buffaloes @ Missouri Tigers - The Tigers come back home as a 10 point favorite over the Buffs.  

MY PREDICTION: This is a tough game as Missouri is much much better at home and the Buffs are not nearly as good on the road but CU did beat the Tigers by double digits earlier this year. This is a big line to cover also so I am going to say Missouri wins the game but CU covers the spread.

RESULT: The Tigers blew the Buffs out of the building 89-73 and my prediction of it being a single digit victory definitely did not happen. Probably dumb on my part taking Buffs on the road.


 Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Texas Longhorns - As one could guess this is the biggest line of the day with the Longhorns favored by 22 points.  

MY PREDICTION: Going to pick Tech to cover the spread as 22 points is just too much for me. Maybe Texas has somewhat of letdown after the tough stretch of games they just went through and they maybe only win this one in the low double digit range

RESULT: The Lonhorns did blow the Red Raiders out 76-60 but did not come close to covering as the line was simply too large.