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Extra! Extra! SB Nation Big 12 Link Dump

For this edition of the Link Dump we will look at (mostly) basketball articles written by our Big 12 SB Nation brethren. We also add a video clip for the hell of it.

Big 12 North

Ralphie Report - Colorado
Buffaloes Entering Four Game Stretch That Will Define Their Last Big 12 Season
Written before the Texas Tech win, but still relevant

Clone Chronicles - Iowa State
Did Diante Garrett Improve in 2011?

Rock Chalk Talk - Kansas
Kansas Basketball: Ball Movement 101

Bring on the Cats - Kansas State
Diamond Head Classic
A link to all eight teams in K-State's 2011 early season tourney

Rock M Nation - Missouri
Study Hall: Baylor

Corn Nation - Nebraska
The Big Ten vs the Big 12 - How Do The Teams Match Up?
Football, but funny

Big 12 South

Crimson and Cream Machine - Oklahoma
Video tour of OU women's basketball coach Sherri Coale's office

Cowboys Ride For Free - Oklahoma State
How a Season Turns, the Oklahoma State Basketball Team is "Terrible" because of two plays

Burnt Orange Nation - Texas
Big 12 Basketball Standings and Projections, Feb 21-27

I Am the 12th Man - Texas A&M
I Am The 12th Man Weekly Radio Show - Episode XXIV Is In The Books

Double T Nation - Texas Tech
Red Raider Gridiron | Hampton Transfers and Receiver Options

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Want to waste a little more time? Check out the video after The Jump of every basket in Providence's Marshon Brook's 52 output on Wednesday night (in only 3 minutes)

... and finally, EVERY basket from in Marshon Brook's 52 Wednesday night, in only 3 minutes from (h/t Quickish)

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