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2010-2011 Big 12 Hoops Top 25 - Week 15

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Well chaos broke out amongst the top five with Pitt, Ohio State, Texas and Kansas all losing.  Looking at overall resumes, I think Pitt stays on top.  They have the best wins, one road loss (barely to Saint John's).  Ohio State has decidedly worse wins, but you can't fault the Buckeyes too much for losing at Purdue and Wisconsin (best two losses of anyone).  Duke's loss to Saint John's isn't looking nearly as bad as before the Johnnies knocked off Pitt.  San Diego State has one loss, but not great wins.  Texas and Kansas just picked up sketchy losses (bubble at best as of right now).  Kansas gets a little reprieve since it was against a rival, but losing by 20 demanded a drop.  Texas had no excuse, but I still value its head-to-head win over Kansas high enough to keep the Longhorns ahead.