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Big 12 Transfer Rumors: Wally Judge to Maryland?

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As most of you know Wally Judge left the K-State program this week.  You also probably know that as a McDonald's All-American, Judge should be a hot commodity going forward.  Don't be surprised to see a ton of rumors popping up in the near future about where Judge will land.  This is the first and seems very reasonable to me.  Yesterday @NY2LASPORTS tweeted: "Hearing rumors Wally Judge will end up at Maryland. Unconfirmed at this point." 

Now this is still rumor.  But it's a rumor from a writer, not a message board.  And the rumor makes sense for a couple of reasons:

  1. Maryland was one of ten schools that offered Judge a scholarship out of high school (and didn't get him).
  2. Judge is from Maryland originally.  Never underestimate the attraction of a hometown team (although that would also give legs to a rumor).

The third reason I can think of is more of an observation: Gary Williams hates recruiting.  Williams is a great coach at a very good basketball school, but he struggles to bring top talent to Maryland every year.  He gets the most out of his players, so I think it'd be a wise move for Judge to give the Terrapins a shot (not to mention the degree that would come with it).

Judge, a sophomore, was averaging 5.5 points and 3.8 rebounds a game in fairly limited time with Kansas State this season.  He did have two double-doubles and set his career high this year with 22 against North Florida during a three game stretch (during Curtis Kelly's suspension). 

UPDATE: Judge was the third player to transfer from the Wildcats after Dominique Sutton transferred to NC Central to be closer to his family and Freddy Asprilla left to join Canisius of the MAACC (rather than going home to play professionally as originally reported).

We'll keep you updated on Judge as we hear more.