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2010-2011 Big 12 Hoops Top 25 - Week 14

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A new number one this week.  It came down to Pitt, Texas, Ohio State and Kansas.  Kansas lost at home to Texas and we've talked about how the Jayhawks' close game at home to USC makes me nervous about giving them more credit than the Longhorns.  Texas probably has the best wins, but three losses is too much.  That leaves Ohio State and Pitt.  Ohio State's resume (in this case I'm using top 30 KenPom rankings) includes: at Florida, at Illinois and against Purdue.  Pitt's resume includes: against Maryland (neutral), against Texas (neutral), against Connecticut, against Marquette, at Georgetown, against Syracuse, at West Virginia and at Villanova.  Maryland is probably a little overrated, but that's a huge number of high-level wins, most recently against West Virginia and Villanova on the road without Ashton Gibbs

Big changes: Louisville was probably underrated the past couple of weeks because I think the Cardinals are playing over their heads and bound to come down to earth soon (that's still true).  But its resume is too strong to be in out of the teens at this point.  Look for this team to drop a little, and maybe fall victim in the first round of the Big Dance if they have a bad shooting night.  Vanderbilt only has one loss by more than three points in regulation.  Missouri is underrated a little here, I think.  The Tigers have been just getting slapped around away from Columbia, but this is still a very good team (and a middling seed that will scare the crap out of the high seeds in its region).