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Extra! Extra! SB Nation Big 12 Link Dump

For this edition of the Link Dump we will look at (mostly) basketball articles written by our Big 12 SB Nation brethren. Let's dive into the best stories from the Big 12 school's SB Nation sites. We also add a YouTube clip for the hell of it.

Big 12 North

Ralphie Report (Colorado) The 2011 Colorado Football Recruiting Class - In Map Form (Not basketball related, but they've seemed to have given up on hoops in Boulder. This is interesting nonetheless)

Clone Chronicles (Iowa St) Iowa State Basketball: Is Jamie Vanderbeken The Most Valuable Player On The Cyclones?

Rock Chalk Talk (Kansas) Fact Checking Bill Self On The Kansas Transition Game

Bring on the Cats (Kansas St.) KSU’s Top Eleven in Basketball

Rock M Nation (Missouri) How to beat Kansas in Lawrence. Good coaching. BADASS INTROS. (Dated, but still AWESOME)

Corn Nation (Nebraska) Big Ten SBNation Site Names and Taglines (We get it, they're leaving)

Big 12 South

Crimson and Cream Machine (Oklahoma) For all those Sooners deployed (OU feel good story from overseas)

Cowboys Ride For Free (Oklahoma St) Oklahoma State's Nash named McDonald's All-American

Burnt Orange Nation (Texas) - My Favorite Hook ’em Things: Win Autographed Longhorns Collectibles (Not basketball related, but who doesn't love free stuff?)

I Am the 12th Man (Texas A&M) Texas A&M To The SEC: We Have A Baylor Problem? (Beergut is really, REALLY pro A&M to the SEC)

Double T Nation (Texas Tech) Fun with Recruiting Ratings: Grading the Super Bowl Rosters (Interesting take on college football recruiting rankings)


Want to waste a little more time? Check out the random YouTube clip after The Jump

... and finally, I haven't been able to get this out of my head for weeks, so maybe getting it stuck in your head will get it out of mine...

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