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Big 12 Saturday: Not Too Many Upsets Looming

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First off it should be known that the guy who wrote the headline is the same guy who is 60% at picking Big 12 games, so for all I know every game on the docket could be an upset (not likely) or there could be a few that sneak by (likely).

Since I ended up writing more than I thought I would, all previews are after the Jump.


Oklahoma Sooners at Missouri Tigers (12:30 p.m. Mizzou is hitting the wheelhouse of their schedule. So far it has been a rough go of it, but starting with this game, Mizzou has six consecutive winnable games. They need to start off on the right foot if they expect to make the NCAA tournament. OU meanwhile is done with Texas but still has this game, at A&M and vs KU on their schedule. They won't make the tournament as an at large team, so winning the Big 12 is their only hope, and getting a first day pass in the Big 12 tournament will really help their chances.

Texas A&M Aggies at Texas Tech Red Raiders (12:30 p.m. As Saturday's preview will detail, Tech is in the most hellish stretch of any Big 12 team. Ever. A&M is in the most hellish run of overtime games - two straight and three of their past seven games. Most A&M to win, not just on Saturday, but throughout the season, Khris Middleton needs to be more effective, and more a part of the offense. I was at their game in Boulder on Wednesday and focused on Middleton, and for long stretches he didn't move in the offense. He stayed put or barley made cuts. I don't think that is coach Mark Turgeon's doing, I think that Middleton just needs a 5-Hour Energy Drink or two before the games to give him a little pep in his step.

Iowa St. Cyclones at Kansas Jayhawks (3:00 p.m. Here's a funny thing about success is that after time people just expect greatness. The Internet is abuzz with people slobbering over Texas, but what people are overlooking is that KU has only lost one game in conference, hell, they've only lost one game ALL SEASON, but they aren't getting the press they deserve, partly because they have won six straight conference crowns. And conversely, little was expected of Iowa State this year, so when they entered conference play at 13-2 people (including us) were over buying the Clones.  Now 14-10, 1-8 in conference, ISU is who we thought they were.

Baylor Bears at Texas Longhorns (3:00 p.m. ESPN) At one point or another everyone was selling on Baylor. They had lost to some pretty crappy teams, and really didn't have a marquee win to their name.  Aside from an overtime win at A&M, that may still hold true, but at the present they are 6-4 in conference and firmly planted as the third seed in the Big 12. But reality may hit them as they still have to play Texas twice and travel to Mizzou while hosting A&M in a rematch. But don't fret, they still have a unique game against Wayland Baptist University after this one, so regardless of the outcome, they should at least have one game win streak at some point in the near future. For Texas, this is almost a trap game. Texas is riding so high, and initially this was looked at as the Big 12's game of the day, and while it still is - as evident by the ESPN broadcast - Texas could overlook the Bears a touch since Baylor isn't as productive as preseason hype may have suggested. Texas should win, but I wouldn't be shocked if Baylor handed them their first conference loss.

Oklahoma St. Cowboys at Nebraska Cornhuskers (6:00 p.m. There's not really much to say about this one. I would expect a really, REALLY low scoring one here. The Huskers are 215th in the country in scoring, Ok State is 131st. Let's just leave it at that.

Kansas St. Wildcats at Colorado Buffaloes (8:00 p.m. ESPNU) When CU was rolling they looked invincible. Just ask K-State, who dropped a game at home to the Buffs. Now CU is reeling. They have lost six of their past seven and are coming off a game where they handed one to the Aggies (I claim it was bad coaching at the end not to foul BJ Holmes...). K-State is nowhere, NOWHERE, near their preseason hype - remember the coaches picking them to win the conference? - but they are on a two game win streak and if they can pull one off in Boulder they will have momentum leading them in to a Big Monday tilt in Lawrence. I still favor CU at home, but this is a toss up as far as I'm concerned.

Note, all times are CT