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Kansas Jayhawks @ Texas Tech: Point Spread in Favor of KU

Kansas Jayhawks @ Texas Tech Red Raiders - The Jayhawks as one would expect are the favorite on the road against Tech with the line being 13.5 points. Tech is on a three game conference winning streak and as Evan has here in his preview of the game they interestingly enough have a  longer current Big 12 winning streak than does Kansas. Obviously it does not mean squat for tonights game but still nice to say if you are a Texas Tech fan.

MY PREDICTION:  I think Kansas appears to be hitting on all possible cylinders right now and I don't see them having a letdown against Tech. It probably helps KU that Tech has won a few games of late so they are more interested in playing this game. I like Bill Self and the Jayhawks to win this game by a margin of 15-20 points and therefore cover the spread.