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Rise and Fire - Big 12 Basketball Links 12/22/2011

Wide Right & Natty Light - Georges Niang talks about Iowa State's 2012 Class, as well as 2013 possibilities.

Rock Chalk Talk - Dear Bill: Can We Chat?

What I'm asking is let some of the newer guys go, let them get in and get after it here and there. Jeff Withey played his way onto the bench in the first half of the game and only logged around 12 minutes. That's not a problem by itself but you're giving up any rebounding advantage by replacing him with Teahan. The offense also becomes pretty limited with Teahan and Releford sharing the 4. Remember Kevin Young? He looked great against Ohio State at the 4 and was solid in the first half against Davidson but only got to play about 3 minutes in the second half. There's also a young guy that can help spell Tyshawn at the point. He has struggled at times and him falling down while dribbling was a little embarrassing but he has some skills. A few minutes here and there isn't going to ruin a game and might help keep Taylor a little fresh.

Rock M Nation - New addition at Mizzou Network: 1993 Braggin' Rights

Burnt Orange Nation - Texas Longhorns Basketball: Inside the Numbers, Week 6

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