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The Preview You Must View: San Diego State @ Baylor

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For the second straight year, the Baylor Bears have a game smack dab in the middle of ESPN's 24-Hour Tip-Off Marathon. Unlike the La Salle game last season, San Diego State is a more visible opponent especially for their stellar regular season and run to the Sweet Sixteen in 2010-11.  They also lead the all-time series with Baylor 3-1.

A look at the Aztecs and Bears is coming up after The Jump.

It's amazing to see how Steve Fisher built this program from the ground up all by himself. While guys like Kawhi Leonard, Malcolm Thomas, Billy White and D.J. Gay moved on, the Aztecs had gaping holes in their starting lineup. Fisher has plugged in a fifth-year senior, a seldom-used big, two transfers along with returner Chase Tapley and SDSU has won all of three of their games by double digits.

On the other side, Baylor sports one of the more talented teams in college basketball. They are stacked upfront led by seniors Quincy Acy and Anthony Jones, freshman Quincy Miller leads the team in scoring and then they have the uber-gifted Perry Jones III, who is my pick for Big 12 Player of the Year. 

San Diego State's already at a disadvantage on paper because they lack what Baylor has in talent. In the end, it will be the Bears that get this win. Inside, SDSU can throw 6-foot-11 Garrett Green but he's no match for Acy, Cory Jefferson and the two Joneses altogether. So far A.J. Walton has been able to control the rock at point guard, but I'm sure a lot of people in Waco would like to see Pierre Jackson get a start one of these games just to see how he'll do with more minutes. Baylor opens this game up in the second half and win by at least 10 points.