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2011-12 Oklahoma Sooners Season Predictions

How will the Oklahoma Sooners fare this season? What will their overall and Big 12 records be? Will they make a postseason tournament?

We'll answer all those questions, plus guess which teams they'll upset and which will upset them after The Jump.


2011-12 Oklahoma Projected Record:

Joe Loyd: 15-15 (2-0 exhibition)

Evan Pfaff: 14-16

Matt Patton: 12-18

Upset Watch:

Surprise 2011-12 game Oklahoma will win:

Joe Loyd: At Baylor late in the conference season.

Evan Pfaff: Arkansas at home the game after the predicted loss to Oral Roberts.

Matt Patton: Home against Oklahoma State. Rivalries create chaos.

Surprise 2011-12 game Oklahoma will lose:

Joe Loyd: Home against Iowa State.

Evan Pfaff: Home against Oral Roberts.

Matt Patton: Houston on a "neutral" site (Oklahoma City).

2011-12 Oklahoma Projected Big 12 Record:

Joe Loyd:7-11

Evan Pfaff: 6-12

Matt Patton: 5-13

2011-12 Oklahoma Projected Big 12 Standing:

Joe Loyd: 8th

Evan Pfaff: 9th

Matt Patton: 9th

2011-12 Oklahoma Projected Postseason

Joe Loyd: none

Evan Pfaff: none

Matt Patton: none