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TJ Soyoye, University of MIssouri

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He wasn't the best basketball player the Big 12 has ever seen, but former Missouri Tiger center TJ Soyoye is now helping people instead of entertaining them.

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Soyoye would see his father, an herbalist, cure patients and knew that one day he, also, wanted to join the medical community.  And at 6-9, Soyoye knew that basketball was his path to medical school, so he practiced day in and day out, despite his father's reluctance towards sports.

After playing JUCO ball for two years at Meridian Community College, Soyoye joined the Tigers in 1999 and became the only player to start all 64 games during the two years he played in Columbia. Despite averaging more head fakes per game than points, Soyoye was a prime contributor during Quin Snyder's first two seasons and ended with admirable career stats of 7.8 ppg and 6.5 rpg.

But all the while Soyoye was hitting the books with as much passion as he was hitting the hardwood. After receiving his BS from Mizzou in 2001, Soyoye enrolled in medical school at American University of Antigua/KMC. Once he completed that degree, Soyoye returned for residency at MU.

Nowadays Soyoye is only a stone's throw away from the old Hearnes Center, where he used to delight thousands of fans. But to his pleasure he is now able to take the time to focus on patients one at a time.

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