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2011-12 Baylor Bears Season Predictions

How will the Baylor Bears fare this season? What will their overall and Big 12 records be? Will they make a postseason tournament?

We'll answer all those questions, plus guess which teams they'll upset and which will upset them after The Jump.


2011-12 Baylor Projected Record:

Evan Pfaff: Baylor might have the easiest non-con schedule in the history of college athletics (Paul Quinn College? Seriously?). Undefeated in non-con; 27-4 overall.

Nate Kotisso: 26-5 overall, 12-1 nonconference.

Ellen Carnes: 25-6 overall.

Matt Patton: 11-2 on a cupcake nonconference slate, 24-7 overall.

Upset Watch:

Surprise game Baylor will win:

Evan Pfaff: None will be a surprise, but at KU, sandwiched between Ok State and Mizzou will be one they won't be favored in that they'll pull off.

Nate Kotisso: This comes after the Bears fall at home to A&M at the start of play. Would be nice to get another multiple-overtime chess match again.

Ellen Carnes: I think they can take A&M in College Station. If Baylor can’t win in court, they’re going to win on court.

Matt Patton: Well played. I'll agree with Evan here and take them at Kansas. I think this team will be dreadfully inconsistent, but that's a game I expect them to bring everything after the beating the Jayhawks gave them in Waco last season.

Surprise game Baylor will lose:

Evan Pfaff: at Iowa State to end the season. Baylor will have wrapped up the conference and look past the Clones.

Nate Kotisso: Brigham Young has only lost 4 home games in Provo dating back to the 2006-07 season. Jimmer or not, it's always tough to take one at the Marriott Center as the visitor.

Ellen Carnes: BYU. I can see the Bears getting complacent and going down in Provo.

Matt Patton: West Virginia. Not convinced the Bears' early nonconference schedule is going to have them ready for an NCAA Tournament caliber team, and they may face three in a row (BYU, Saint Mary's and WVU) going into conference play.

2011-12 Baylor Projected Big 12 Record:

Evan Pfaff: 14-4

Nate Kotisso: 14-4

Ellen Carnes: 13-5

Matt Patton: 13-5

2011-12 Baylor Projected Big 12 Standing:

Evan Pfaff: First

Nate Kotisso: Second

Ellen Carnes: Second

Matt Patton: Tied for first because I'm not sleeping on the other team with a projected lottery big man in the conference.

2011-12 Baylor Projected Postseason:

Evan Pfaff: NCAA, Final Four. (yeah, I'm that hyped on them).

Nate Kotisso: NCAA Tournament berth; ousted in the Sweet 16.

Ellen Carnes: First or second round of the NCAAs.

Matt Patton: Two seed in the Big Dance, but getting run out of the building in the Elite Eight.