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Big Monday Texas Vs. Texas A&M Preview

On paper when the Texas A&M Aggies host the Texas Longhorns one might expect the game to be over before it started.


  1. When they met two weeks ago Texas won by 21
  2. Texas is coming off a 13 point victory against #13 Missouri
  3. Texas A&M is coming off a 57-48 loss to Nebraska

Let's dissect these a little further to explain why they might not be so relevant.

Texas defeated A&M Two Weeks Ago
Sure, the Longhorns put a beat down on their in-state rivals earlier this month, but that game was in Austin. It has been seven years since A&M last lost to the Horns in College Station, so the rowdy Reed Arena crowd shouldn't be taken lightly.

Texas owned Missouri
Texas beat Mizzou in Austin on Saturday and dominated the scorebook in every area, except one. UT shot 47.1 percent from the line in the win, making just 16 of 34 shots. If this one ends up close down the stretch always side on the better free throw shooting team, and A&M shoots 71.6 percent as a team, compared to Texas' 65 percent.

A&M lost to Nebraska
There are no such things as "good losses" but for elite basketball teams, I'd argue there aren't really "bad losses" either. What it boils down to in college hoops is making the tournament and securing the highest spot possible. Might the Husker loss drop A&M one slot lower in the eyes of the selection committee? Maybe. But barring a total and utter collapse, A&M should be in the dance, so the loss might be more of a wakeup call for the Aggies than anything else.

So do I think that all the evidence points to a Longhorn victory? On the surface, yes. But digging deeper it is apparent that this one might be closer than you might expect.

The game tips tonight at 8:00 p.m. CT and can be seen on ESPN as part of Big Monday.