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Texas @ Texas A&M Early Point Spread for Big Monday

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Texas Longhorns at Texas A&M Aggies - The early point spread on this game is the Longhorns are favored by just 3.5 points. Fairly low line for a team that is as hot as Texas is entering this one and facing a team that just lost on the road to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. But everyone, including the oddsmakers, understand that Reed Arena is a tough environment for any team to play in and the place should be juiced up with the visiting Longhorns coming into town. Check back here later for a full preview of this game.

MY PREDICTION: I like Texas to win this game and the spread is simply too low for me to pick the Aggies to cover. Since I think Texas will win the game I am going to say they should cover the spread as well either by another dominating performance or by making the cover with some free throws late in the game.