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Texas A&M Vs. Nebraska Basketball Preview: Expect A Low Scoring Game

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The Texas A&M Aggies are 100th in the country in scoring; the Nebraska Cornhuskers are 178th. Combined they average a few points less than what Jimmer Fredette scores in a night. But don't take that low scoring as any indication that these teams aren't good, they have found other ways to stay in games.

A&M's solution is Khris Middleton. The sophomore from Charleston, SC is averaging 15.9 points, good for ninth in conference. But it's not just Middleton's ability to score, it is his ability to score at the right time. In an overtime win versus Missouri, Middleton followed up a 15 point first half of that game with a quiet second half, scoring his first two points on a pair of free throws with 10 seconds remaining in the game. He then promptly poured in 11 in overtime to secure the win.

For Nebraska, the key to their success is limiting the opposition to score. In their five conference games the Huskers have allowed a stout 68.2 points per game from their opponents. And it isn't like they are feeding off the bottom of the barrel. Three of those games have been against Missouri, Kansas and Colorado, the top three scoring teams in the conference, and all in the top 10 for scoring in the nation. In those games, they have allowed an verage of 69 points, to teams who all average above 80 points per game.

This one will ultimately come down to which of the two teams can score enough to win. It won't be that one will outscore the other, more like one's defense will hold the other under what their offense can put in.

The game tips at 1 p.m. from Lincoln and there doesn't appear to be any television coverage. If you find it on TV somehow, please comment so others can watch.