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Kansas State Defeats Baylor 69-61: Thoughts & Questions

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Kansas State beat Baylor last night in Manhattan by a score of 69-61. The game was basically a must win for K-State as their NCAA Tourney hopes could be argued rested in the balance. Instead of a full recap I thought some observations and questions might in order after watching that game.

As usual whether you agree or disagree (more likely) with me please let me know in the comments section.

  • (1.) Bobby Knight and Brent Musburger still are not good announcers and made me happy I was not able to watch the whole game. I guess its good to have an announcer (Knight) point out obvious things and complain about players and tell us ad nauseum about shot fakes. Why does Knight continue to want to announce? Why does ESPN let him? Why did I continue to listen to him?
  • (2.) The Preseason "stars" of Jacob Pullen and LaceDarius Dunn went a combined 8 for 30 from the floor. In my opinion neither player can create their own shots the way a true star can, they need a true PG playing in the backcourt with them. Makes me appreciate just how much Tweety Carter and Denis Clemente meant to these clubs.

  • (3.) Juevol Myles deserves some good words as he came in cold off the bench last night and promptly got fouled and hit two free throws to help ice the game.
  • (4.) How does Perry Jones play 34 minutes and only take 5 shots while Dunn takes 17?
  • (5.) K-State needed the win to keep their season on life support but from what I saw and the box score shows they will need to improve their play if they want to keep winning and steal any road wins.
  • (6.) Baylor does not look a true "team" to me, individually they have a lot of talent but watching them makes me think less of Scott Drew's coaching job.
  • (7.) Will another Baylor team ever reach their true potential under Drew?
  • (8.) Will Wally Judge ever do anything for K-State?