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2010-2011 Big 12 Hoops Top 25 - Week 11

Talk about a tough week all around.  I won't go too in depth, but I wanted to explain the big shifts up top.  UConn got a huge boost because of their wins over Villanova and Tennessee (and the team play they got in the win over the Volunteers).  I might have Pitt a little higher than most, but they might be the most complete team (sorry Ohio State, I require a seven person rotation) in the country.  Duke's interior finally seems to be getting their sea legs post Kyrie Irving.  I refuse to move San Diego State any higher (until they play BYU).  And I firmly think that if you beat a team on the road, you deserve to be ranked higher (see Texas-Kansas and Villanova-Syracuse).  Bottom line is that entire top ten could be moved around pretty much wherever you want to (minus Ohio State).  I have a feeling we'll start seeing teams distinguish themselves as conference play continues, but for now just know that 2-10 are barely separated at all.

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