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Big 12 Basketball Saturday - Point Spreads

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Let's take a look at the point spreads in today's Big 12 games, we'll see where the line opened and what it is currently (just in case you are reading this while in Vegas for the weekend). Also I will put my prediction in so I can remind myself why I should not ever bet on any games whatsoever. Please let me know your predictions as well in the comments.

Kansas State Wildcats @ Texas A&M Aggies - The line for this opened with the Aggies as a 7.5 point favorite which is actually understandable with how they play at home and KSU's less than stellar road games lately. Surprisingly the spread has dropped to the Aggies only favored by 5 points.

MY PREDICTION: A&M wins by about 10-12 points and easily covers the spread.

Oklahoma State Cowboys @ Baylor Bears - A line that has not moved much as it opened at Baylor favored by 6.5 points and it only has dropped to 6 points now. Guessing not a lot of action on this game as neither team can be trusted on a nightly basis, especially Baylor.

MY PREDICTION: At home I expect the Bears to rebound and defeat OSU by 10 points and cover the spread.

Texas Longhorns @ Kansas Jayhawks

- The marquee game in the Big 12 today takes place in Allen Fieldhouse. KU is obviously the favorite here but the line is pretty high with still a solid 7 point line. This line opened at 7.5 so not much shifting here.

MY PREDICTION: I think KU gets geared up for these types of games and the Morris twins go off so I am going to say Jayhawks by 8 points and cover.

Iowa State Cyclones @ Missouri Tigers - This game started out with Missouri as a 8.5 point favorite and moved to 9 points. This seems like a terrible matchup for the Cyclones with their lack of depth against Missouri's pressing style and coming off an OT defeat to Oklahoma State.

MY PREDICTION: Iowa State takes their first drubbing of the year in the Big 12. Missouri covers easily and wins by 15-20 points.

Colorado Buffaloes @ Oklahoma Sooners - An interesting game here as the Buffs opened as a solid six point favorite on the road but the line has now dropped to only 3.5 points.

MY PREDICTION: Oklahoma wins the game outright and obviously covers the spread.

Nebraska Cornhuskers @ Texas Tech Red Raiders - The spread on this game has shifted quite a bit. NU opened as a big 7 point favorite on the road but the spread has dropped to only 4 points still in favor of the Cornhuskers.

MY PREDICTION: I like Nebraska to win the game but I think it's going to be very tight so even though it will be hard I am going pick Tech to cover but lose the game.