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Kansas State Vs Texas A&M Basketball Preview: Wildcats, Aggies Looking To Rebound After Losses

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The #24 Kansas St. Wildcats and #10 Texas A&M Aggies are both looking to rebound from losses this week, but their defeats meant different things to each school.

For K-State, the loss on Big Monday to the Missouri Tigers dropped them to 1-3 in conference, 13-6 overall. For a team that was projected to win the Big 12, and who had a preseason ranking of third nationally, K-State is in trouble.

Looking at their upcoming schedule, one could argue that if they play the way we've seen ‘em this season, they may not win another game until February 19. Over their next seven games, the uninspired Wildcats have to face these Aggies, the Kansas Jayhawks twice, an equally disappointing Baylor team, and games against a Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa State team who are simply playing better basketball right now than the Wildcats.

If you would have told me in November that I would be suggesting that the Wildcats could lose to the Buffs, Huskers and Clones in succession, I would have told you that faking that back injury to secure your Medical Marijuana card was a good idea.

But alas, that's where we stand. We have no idea what to expect out of K-State. This is a team that the conference was relying on at the onset of the season, who now they try not to make eye contact with.

A&M, on the other hand, suffered just their second setback of the season. The problem for the 16-2 Aggies wasn't that they lost, but it was who they lost to and how bad of a defeat it was. Sure, in college basketball one regular season game doesn't make or break your year, but losing by 21 to the in-state Longhorns can't be overlooked. The game was in Austin, but UT manhandled the Aggies on the interior and forced them into some really bad shots.

Again, it's not the end of the world for the Aggies. Not by any stretch. It just shows them - and other teams - what it takes to defeat them. Inside play.

This one will be easy to predict at the outset. If the K-State big men can get position the visitors win. If sophomore stud Khris Middleton can get going, A&M is victorious. Because to quote Joe Loyd, "Where is A&M without Khris Middleton?"