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Bigger Kansas State Bust: Jason Bennett vs Freddy Asprilla

I am sure many Kansas State fans will probably grimace more when they hear the name Jason Bennett more so than when they hear Freddy Asprilla but does that make Bennett a bigger bust in Manhattan? Let's take a look at the stats and some of the hype that surrounded both players.

Bennett came in as a Top 25/50 ranked player in 2006 out of Arlington Country Day High School in Florida mainly because he was very tall standing a listed 7'3". He was one of Bob Huggins recruits who was going to change K-State basketball.

Well the hype was definitely not justified as Bennett only lasted one mainly unforgettable year in the Little Apple. The memories that can be brought up are not good ones, like Bennett melting down after committing five fouls against Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse in very limited minutes.

The final statistic for Bennett at KSU read 27 games played with an average of 1.9 points per game and 2.6 rebounds. After K-State, Bennett went to a junior college and then onto Detroit Mercy before leaving there after his junior year to sign a professional contract overseas. He is now with the Jacksonville Giants of the ABA.

While there was definitely hype surrounding Bennett, it came more from K-State fans hoping he would be a true big man to help the Wildcats compete in the Big 12. In the case of Asprilla there was actually some tangible statistics to back up Wildcat fans thoughts.

As a freshman in the Sun Belt Conference, obviously a weaker conference but still Division 1, Asprilla averaged 13.7 points and 9.2 rebounds per game. He was named the Sun Belt Freshman of the Year in 2009.

After transferring and sitting out he was supposed to provide K-State with a true post player who could score in the post and rebound.

Needless to say his career at Kansas State was underwhelming even before his recent decision to leave the team and head home to Colombia to purse a professional career. His averages while playing for K-State were 4.9 points and 4.9 rebounds a game.

He frankly was not anywhere near as good as K-State fans were led to believe he was. His post moves were not crisp and he had limited athleticism while also being foul prone and a poor free throw shooter.

So while Jason Bennett was considered the colossal bust of the Huggins/Frank Martin era of KSU basketball at least he made it through a full season. Freddy Asprilla only played 16 games total for K-State and with underwhelming results.

The obvious lesson is for fans to tone down their expectations on players they have never seen play before since some turn out to be Michael Beasley and others turn out to be Bennett or Asprilla.