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Big Monday - Big 12 Point Spreads

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The Big 12 will be front and center tomorrow night on Big Monday when four teams are in action. The early lines are out on these games and the favorites should come as no surprise to anyone. What could be mildly surprising is how big or little the lines are though.

Without further ado

 Kansas Jayhawks at Baylor Bears - The Jayhawks are favored to win this game with an opening line of 4.5 points. With the Bears getting destroyed on Saturday at Iowa State one would have suspected this line to possibly be higher but KU also had their struggles on Saturday with Nebraska at home. Oddsmakers must feel that Baylor will come out with more energy and play better with a big name opponent coming in.

Kansas State at Missouri - The Tigers are an early 7 point favorite over the Wildcats. This is a fairly big line considering Missouri is coming off an OT game on the road that expended a lot of energy while K-State just won by 34 points and welcomed back Curtis Kelly to the lineup. The oddsmakers must feel that Missouri is just that much better of a team at home and K-State will fold faced with the Tigers pressure defense.

Villanova at UConn - Added this game since it was our national game of the week in our predictions for the week. The Huskies are a very small favorite at only 1.5 points. Only being favored by that amount at home is a sign that they feel the game could be won outright fairly easily by Villanova.

** Once again this is not an endorsement of betting on these games **