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Big 12 League Play: Not Turning Out How Many Thought

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The saying "That's why they play the games" could not be more true in the Big 12 this season it seems. So far the first few games of Big 12 play have provided some bizarro world kind of scenarios compared to preseason expectations.

Who would have guessed earlier this season that Colorado would be 3-0 in Big 12 play and with a probable Top 25 ranking on the near horizon. This is the same Buffs team that lost to Harvard and San Francisco in November.

Not many people would have guessed that Kansas State and Missouri would both be 1-2 and facing a Big 12 title race elimination game of sorts Monday night in Columbia. Neither fanbase expected a loss to Colorado to be on their resumes at this point either.

And if before the season you looked at the schedule and thought hmm I think Iowa State will beat Baylor by double digits well then I commend you.

Not everything is out of whack though. KU has played Iowa State and Nebraska and won both game as expected but the margins were too close for comfort for many Jayhawk fans. Texas A&M could have reasonably expected to be 3-0 at this point and they look strong.

Also many did not expect much out of Texas Tech and Oklahoma and those preseason expectations have been well justified.

So while it has not been total anarchy in the Big 12 so far it certainly has been interesting to watch just not fun to try and predict. The hope is the rest of the year will be just as fun as the start.