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Big 12 Very Early Postseason Guesses

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Most everyone feels that the regular season is just something that has to be done to get to the postseason. Ask most anyone about the Kansas Jayhawks season last year and the first thing brought up most likely will be Ali Farokmanesh (yes I looked up how to spell his name) and the Northern Iowa Panthers. Most people forget the fact that KU went 15-1 in the Big 12 conference and won their sixth straight Big 12 title. My point is we should all embrace the regular season and enjoy the ride.

Now with that being said let's take a quick look at how the Big 12 teams are faring for postseason play! These are my projections of how I think things are going to end up. Please note I am only considering the NCAA & NIT tournaments.

After reading these let me know how dumb or off base you think I am then let me know your thoughts.

Kansas Jayhawks - Just another ho-hum season for KU and Bill Self, a probable Big 12 regular season title and a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Oklahoma Sooners - I would say another year of no postseason play in Norman. How long until spring football???

Missouri Tigers - I think Missouri ends up as a #4 or #5 seed simply because they are going to lose some games in the Big 12 due to their style and the schedule.

Texas Tech Red Raiders - Before watching the Texas game I would have said Tech could maybe gain an NIT bid but enough losses right now and with Big 12 schedule looming, no postseason seems likely.

Texas A&M Aggies - I think the Aggies could vault themselves into a #3 seed type range with the Big 12 "South" being a little down this year which gives them a chance to rack up wins.

Texas Longhorns - Along with K-State, I think the Longhorns are the toughest team to take a guess on right now simply due to memories of last season still in my head. I think UT loses some games along the way and drops to around a #6 seed type range.

Baylor Bears - In a quick look on ESPN, Joe Lunardi has them as a #10 seed, I think this might be a little low. Maybe I just think too much of the Bears but I like them to climb into the #7 or #8 range.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - I think Nebraska can legitimately fight for a high NIT bid this year. The NCAA Tournament is probably too lofty still but team seems to be improving in their last year in the Big 12.

Oklahoma State Cowboys - While I think the Cowboys definitely could make a run and get into the NCAA Tournament, at this time my guess is they get a very high seed in the NIT.

Iowa State Cyclones - Another team I feel can end up in the NIT, which could maybe earn Fred Hoiberg some coach of the year votes. Unless you have some irrational hatred of Iowa State, you have to like this team.

Kansas State Wildcats - Wildcat fans may not like me for this but I think this team barely sneaks into the NCAA Tournament with a seed in the #11 or #12 range. Schedule is tough for KSU in Big 12 as they are looking down the barrel of possibly going 1-4 to start out.

Colorado Buffaloes - This is a team that amazingly I think gets into the NCAA Tournament as well with a #8 or #9 type seed. Their "South" schedule sets up nicely with road trips to Texas Tech and Oklahoma while getting Texas A&M at home.

So my final tally appears to be 7 NCAA Tourney teams with 3 NIT teams and 2 teams who will not make the postseason. Not a bad showing for the Big 12 if somehow my projections are anywhere close to accurate.