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Kansas State vs Texas Tech: Can Red Raiders Effectively End Wildcats Season?

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The final nail in the coffin has not been hammered in yet for Frank Martin and the Kansas State Wildcats basketball team. A loss on Saturday to the incoming Texas Tech Red Raiders just might do it though.

Kansas State enters the game 12-5 overall but 0-2 in the Big 12. Texas Tech comes in with a woeful 8-9 record overall and a matching 0-2 record in Big 12 play.

In the last games out for both squads, K-State was defeated at home by Colorado 74-66 while Texas Tech was demolished on their home court by Texas 83-52.

The Red Raiders have been plagued by poor shooting this season and the game against Texas personified this as they went 0-11 from three point range for the game. 

The most frustrating aspect for people when looking at the struggles of the Texas Tech team is the fact they are led by seniors. The top four scorers are all seniors and the fifth, Robert Lewandowski, is a junior.

The return of Curtis Kelly from his six game suspension should help raise some grumpy K-State fans attitudes. His return is vital for a Wildcat team looking for some scoring ability from the low post.

The story remains the same for K-State if they are to be victorious in this game. The Wildcats need Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly to provide an inside outside combo while getting some timely shooting from Rodney McGruder and Jamar Samuels. As always if K-State can get solid production from Wally Judge, a BIG if, their chances of success go way up.

Even though Tech has not been lighting it up this year from deep, the Wildcats cannot afford to have a shooter get hot in this game ala Levi Knutson.

The script for Tech success does not change much either much like K-State. They need their seniors to step up and lead them both on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. If Mike Singletary and John Roberson can provide some scoring and leadership in this game early maybe it could ignite the Red Raiders in believing they too can beat KSU on their home court.

In reality this game should not be close when it comes right down to it. Even though K-State has lost two straight Big 12 games they have had a decent lead in both games a fair ways into the contest while Tech has frankly not been good. But when a team is spiraling down like it is for K-State, weird things tend to happen like a player (Levi Knutson) going 6-8 from deep on you. If Tech can catch some lucky breaks and one or two players get hot you just don't know if  K-State players fold their tents and start thinking as individuals and not as a team.

This game is an early tip at 12:30 from the Octagon of (Diminished) Doom and will be broadcast on the Big 12 Network.