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Missouri Vs. Texas A&M Preview: Aggies Supplant Radon As The ‘Silent Killer’

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If I were to tell you that between the 12th ranked Missouri Tigers and 13th ranked Texas A&M Aggies one of those teams has won 24, 24, 25 and 27 games over the past four season, most of you would instinctively think I was talking about Mizzou.

Not so fast my friends. Texas A&M has consistently been one of the most reliable teams in the conference, all while flying considerably under the radar.

Why? It's seems that since they don't play the flashiest style of ball - like a Mizzou or K-State - and because of Kansas' dominance they haven't won the conference, fans tend to overlook the Aggies.

They also never have had a conference Player of the Year to grab the spotlight, so essentially they go out, get their job done and win games like they are supposed to.

This year is no different. The Aggies are 15-1 on the season and 2-0 in conference, and have gotten that far as the 106th highest scoring team in the country... again nothing flashy.

Not to discount Mizzou, over the past two season the Tigers have won 23 and 31 games, but that is after suffering through some lean years at the start of the Mike Anderson tenure (thanks in large part to the previous administration).

So far this season Mizzou has gone 15-2 and is 1-1 in conference. The Tigers are averaging 85.2 points per game, which places them fifth nationally in the category.

Both squads run deep benches, as Mizzou has ten guys averaging at least ten minutes per game, while A&M has nine guys averaging double digit minutes. The difference between the subs is that of Mizzou's ten guys, five average double figures in scoring, versus three for the Aggies.

Led by junior Marcus Denmon, who scored 27 in Wednesday's win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Mizozu can also rely on Laurence Bowers, Ricardo Ratliffe, Michael Dixon and Kim English to pour in double digit points.

The Aggies are kind of tied to Khris Middleton, David Loubeau and Nathan Walkup's double digit scoring.

Whatever happens when the two teams meet on Saturday at noon CT can be seen on ESPN2.