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Tony Mitchell and Missouri: What Do We Know?

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Mizzou is still waiting on the NCAA to rule on Tony Mitchell's eligibility.
Mizzou is still waiting on the NCAA to rule on Tony Mitchell's eligibility.

As the second semester draws near, the Missouri Tigers are still waiting to see if 5-Star recruit Tony Mitchell will be eligible to attend class and suit up for Mizzou.

Mitchell, who was the 12th rated high school senior last season by, is currently home in Dallas awaiting word from the NCAA on his eligibility.  The 6'8" forward missed his first semester at Mizzou after the NCAA ruled him ineligible following academic questions from his high school days -- reports vary on whether it was a transcript issue and/or not passing a state mandated test -- Mitchell is now awaiting word whether he will be able to play in the second half of the season.

Though Mitchell's case isn't as widely publicized as the Josh Selby or Enes Kanter cases, Mitchell is as important to the Tigers' success as those guys are/would be to their respective schools. Having Mitchell in uniform could potentially be the tipping point for a Mizzou Final Four run.

If the NCAA doesn't act quickly the window for enrollment in the second semester will close on January 25, and the projected fifth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft might very well be a lottery pick a year earlier.

[UPDATE 1 p.m. CT: SB Nation Kansas City just posted this Report: Tony Mitchell Ruled Ineligible, Mizzou Appealing Decision]