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Texas Longhorns vs Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview: Longhorns Look to Rebound after Tough Loss to UConn

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This could be a very ugly game.  This should be a very ugly game.  On one hand you have Texas Tech, the worst team in the conference.  On the other you have Texas, one of the best teams in the conference.  Even homecourt advantage can't save Pat Knight's squad from a brutal defeat here.  Texas is coming off a huge, home overtime loss to Connecticut this week, and I think they'll be looking for blood. 

Truthfully Texas Tech is over-matched at every position.  Last year, Mike Singletary and Jordan Hamilton would have been a great match-up.  Singletary might have actually had the advantage.  This year Jordan Hamilton is playing like a legitimate Big 12 Player of the Year, and Singletary is inconsistently pretty good.  The match-up I'm most excited about is Tristan Thompson, who has been one of the best freshman in the country, and Robert Lewandowski, who has been quietly effective (hitting just under 60% of his shots).  Thompson has the upper hand in skills, but Lewandowski has the height, weight and experience advantage (and free throw percentage). 

All in all, I just don't see Texas Tech competing in this game.  But conference season is full of surprises (Missouri and K-State can attest to that), and that's why we play the game. 

The game will be on at 6:00PM on ESPN2.