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Eleven Questions for the Big 12 in 2011

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MERRY NEW YEAR! Now that we have to remember to write 2011 on our checks (does anyone write checks anymore?) we thought that we should ask the top 11 questions for the Big 12 in 2011.

We don't have the answers, so we're hoping you can help us out. Weigh in on any or all of the questions in the comments section.

  1. Last season, the Big 12 was first in conference RPI. This season we thought they'd duplicate the effort. Did we overrate the conference or will it come into its own?
  2. Last season Texas started out 17-0, ranked number 1 in the country and then faltered. This season they have come out like gangbusters again. Can they sustain the momentum this year?
  3. Kansas State and Baylor were projected top 10 teams in the country. They have both dropped three games so far this year. What happened and can they regain national prominence?
  4. Can Mizzou's "40 Minutes of Hell" "Fastest 40 Minutes" carry them deep in the tournament?
  5. Nebraska, Iowa State and Oklahoma State have lost a collective six games. Which, if any, are for real?
  6. Is there any way Colorado can meet the preseason hype we (specifically I) put on them?
  7. What is going on at Texas Tech?
  8. With Josh Selby suited up, is Kansas in the conversation for the best team in the country?
  9. Texas A&M is the tortoise to the rest of the conference's hare. Can they quietly win the conference?
  10. Does there need to be a conversation about Jeff Capel's future in Norman?
  11. Today is January 1, 2011. No conference games have been played. With that said, who wins the conference this season?