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Perry Ellis - Big 12 Visits

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If you have paid attention to recruiting then the name Perry Ellis should be familiar to you. A 6'8" PF prospect in the class of 2012 from Wichita, KS, Ellis is being recruited by numerous Big 12 schools such as KU, KSU, Texas A&M and Oklahoma as well as other prominent college programs such as Memphis and Kentucky.

In fact, Ellis was supposed to be on an unofficial visit to the University of Kansas on Sept. 7th and he has future Big 12 visits already scheduled. As of right now, Ellis is scheduled to visit Oklahoma on September 11th and attend the football game and then he will visit Kansas State on September 25th where he will also be attending the football game. No doubt the student sections at both universities will try to vocally let him know how much they think he should attend their respective institutions.

While these four Big 12 schools are hoping to lure the #19 Rivals prospect to their respective campuses they will have to make strong pitches as Ellis is also scheduled to attend the Memphis Madness on October 15th. The fact he is visiting and attending this event is noteworthy along with the knowledge that his sister plays for the Memphis women's basketball team.

While it doesn't appear that Ellis will be committing anytime soon to any program, fans of each school listed can at least keep hope alive.