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Big 12 Alumni - NBA Salary Totals

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Paul Pierce ranks #1 as the highest paid Jayhawk.
Paul Pierce ranks #1 as the highest paid Jayhawk.

Many players come to the Big 12 for an education and to play basketball knowing they won't make the NBA. But a lucky few are able to parlay their talents into a professional career.

See the top two earners from each Big 12 school that have struck it rich in the NBA. All figures are only through the recently completed season and don't calculate any future earnings thus Kevin Durant isn't listed yet. (He will be if this list is done ten years from now for sure).

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The two players listed for each school are ones that played in the Big 12, thus disqualifying players like Bryant Reeves or Mitch Richmond.

Kansas Jayhawks

Paul Pierce - $123,486,218

Raef LaFrentz - $84,135,042

LaFrentz's career derailed with injuries, Pierce has won a title with the Celtics and been a great player.

Kansas State Wildcats

Michael Beasely - $8,953,560

Bill Walker - $1,278,534

Pickings are rather slim for Wildcats of NBA players, Beasley gets a chance with TImberwolves this year.

Missouri Tigers

Keyon Dooling - $24,872,450

Kareem Rush - $8,628,927

I would say the game of basketball has been very very good to Keyon Dooling, Rush has bounced around.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Mikki Moore - $25,300,815

Tyronn Lue - $21,382,580

Extremely surprised Mikki Moore has banked this much, knew Lue was doing well for himself.

Iowa State Cyclones

Kelvin Cato - $46,568,465

Jamaal Tinsley - $34,460,706

A lot of money guessing some teams would like back, namely the Pacers with Tinsley.

Texas Longhorns

T.J. Ford - $33,887,987

Chris Mihm - $25,391,705

These two are simply waiting for Durant & LaMarcus Aldridge to pass them on this list.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Tony Battie - $54,899,800

Cory Carr - $287,500

Major drop off from Battie down to Carr, Tech hasn't produced NBA players in Big 12 era.

Baylor Bears

Brian Skinner - $24,546,644


Not a 2nd player from Baylor listed in NBA since joining Big 12 conference until Ekpe Udoh now.

Oklahoma Sooners

Eduardo Najera - $31,132,819

Blake Griffin - $5,357,280 **

If Griffin can get healthy he should be able to take top spot over Najera.

** Griffins salary not listed as he hasn't played for Clippers, this figure is pro-rated salary of his 3 yr contract.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

Desmond Mason - $37,641,002

Tony Allen - $9,777,037

Who knew Mason had made this much money already, Allen just signed with Memphis Grizzlies.

Colorado Buffaloes

Chauncey Billups - $73,377,720

David Harrison - $4,428,916

Don't think anyone is catching Billups anytime soon for CU.

Texas A&M Aggies

Antoine Wright - $8,623,430

Acie Law - $6,214,920

DeAndre Jordan may be able to catch these two in the future