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North vs South: Who Wins?

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With the departures of Colorado & Nebraska next year from the Big 12, this season will be the last where the North schools only play the South schools one time in the regular season and vice versa ofcourse. Starting next year an 18 game conference round robin regular season goes into effect where essentially there isn't a separation of the "North" schools and the "South" schools. So in honor of this being the last season where players can truly be referred to as playing for a North school or a South school I decided to make up two separate rosters, one consisting of all North division players and the second of all South division players.

Now this isn't necessarily choosing an All-Star team but an exercise in trying to choose a team by positions to compete versus the opponent.

Jump to see my teams and how I think they would fair against one another in a 7 game series.


PG - Jacob Pullen - Kansas State Wildcats

SG - Alec Burks - Colorado Buffaloes

SF - Marcus Relphorde - Colorado Buffaloes

PF - Marcus Morris - Kansas Jayhawks

C - Curtis Kelly - Kansas State Wildcats

BENCH: Kim English - Missouri Tigers

Jamar Samuels - Kansas State Wildcats

Josh Selby - Kansas Jayhawks *(if eligible)*

Cory Higgins - Colorado Buffaloes

Wally Judge - Kansas State Wildcats

COACH: Bill Self - Kansas Jayhawks


PG - John Roberson - Texas Tech Red Raiders

SG - LaceDarious Dunn - Baylor Bears

SF - Mike Singletary - Texas Tech Red Raiders

PF - Matt Pilgrim - Oklahoma State Cowboys

C - Perry Jones - Baylor Bears

BENCH: Tristan Thompson - Texas Longhorns

Jordan Hamilton - Texas Longhorns

Keiton Page - Oklahoma State Cowboys

David Loubeau - Texas A&M Aggies

Quincy Acy - Baylor Bears

COACH: Scott Drew - Baylor Bears


The North division team is an upperclassman laden team with the exception of 2009 Big 12 Freshman of the Year Alec Burks. The addition of Marcus Relphorde was the toughest decision to make but he best fit in the small forward category when looking at each North teams roster especially with Jamar Samuels coming off the bench so well last year for Kansas State. The bench consists of a highly ranked incoming recruit in Selby and some proven Big 12 performers in Kim English, Cory Higgins & Samuels. The addition of Wally Judge is to have a big man who can rebound and provide valuable minutes off the bench.

The South division team consists of 4 seniors and one incoming freshman. The hardest addition to the starting lineup was Matt Pilgrim but he seemed to be coming on strong toward the end of last season and it allows Perry Jones to move over and fill the center role. The bench is weighted towards big men combined with Keiton Page added for his ability to play PG and be a deep shooting option off the bench. Jordan Hamilton could play the role of Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson from the old Bad Boys Detroit Pistons days, that is he could be instant offense off the bench for those that don't remember Vinnie.


North wins the series 4-2.

While the shooting of LaceDarious Dunn keeps the South competitive, the North team has too many scorers and explosive big athletes and pulls away to win the series in six games.