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If you were Josh Selby would you go to KU?

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Brandon Jennings could turn out to be a trendsetter.
Brandon Jennings could turn out to be a trendsetter.

If you were Josh Selby would you play for KU? Now this isn't a question if you are a Missouri Tiger or Texas Longhorn fan and hate the Jayhawks but one of what would you do in his particular situation.

Let's take a look at Selby's options as word continues to come down that he still has not been ruled eligible by the NCAA and decide what you would do in his shoes.

Selby is a a teenager who by all accounts can enter next years NBA draft and be a sure fire lottery selection and instant millionaire. Currently he is awaiting word to see if he will be eligible to not only play but to receive a full ride scholarship to college for a year. If he becomes eligible he gets to play one season for a historic college basketball program in the best basketball conference in the country. Every game he plays will be sold out and on television and every NBA scout will be watching. My guess is Selby wouldn't have too many problems with the female student body in Lawrence either even though he is just a freshman. This all sounds pretty darn good and a majority of people would trade places with him in a heartbeat.

Let's check out the grass on the other side though. Brandon Jennings, currently of the Milwaukee Bucks, showed it's possible to skip college and still end up in the NBA after the one year grace period. Jennings didn't qualify so he signed a professional contract in Italy which paid him over $1 million guaranteed and he also signed an endorsement contract with Under Armour. With everything you hear regarding Selby's talents which are supposed to be solidly above Jennings, why wouldn't he take this route?

What are the negatives of the Jennings route? It wouldn't be lack of attention by scouts as international scouting is prevalent wherever Selby would play. His draft status shouldn't suffer as Jennings helped prove since his statistics in Italy weren't earth shattering but he was still the 10th pick in the draft. Money definitely would not be the reason to stay local as he could be a millionaire even sooner than he anticipated. Competition overseas would be more skilled playing against men who are paid to play versus lining up against teams that KU plans on beating by 20 or 30 points.

The only solid reason to stay would be the chance to experience college life and delay being a working tax paying American for a year. But after hearing about the problems Michael Beasley has encountered in his short NBA career does anyone think his one year at Kansas State was extremely valuable in his growth?

This isn't obviously a decision that many people in the world would ever have to decide upon. Do I go overseas and play basketball for millions of dollars or go to college and have fun and then go play basketball for millions of dollars?

So if you were Josh Selby would you keep walking the campus in Lawrence wondering if you might become eligible or would you call up Carmelo Anthony and get his agents phone number and start seeing about getting your passport in order? I know what I would have done at that age, what about you?