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Big 12 Refs - Whose games have the most fouls on average?

Have you ever been getting ready to watch a game with your favorite team and you see a referee and immediately think to yourself oh no that guy likes to call fouls. Well luckily statistics are kept on referees as well as the players. In the 2009-2010 season there were 33 referees who worked at least 5 Big 12 conference basketball games with 2 referees working 18 conference games.

So which referees last season were involved in Big 12 games with the most amount of fouls on average? Please note these figures represent the total average amount of fouls called in the games each individual worked along with 2 other referees and don't obviously indicate how many fouls the individual ref was calling per game.

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All figures courtesy of web site:

Leading the pack is a referee who likely isn't the most well known amongst fans, Brent Meaux who worked 6 conference games last season with each game having an average of 46.3 fouls called.  Not to be outdone by Meaux, is veteran official Duke Edsall who worked 11 conference games with each one having an average of  45.9 fouls called. One game in particular helped jump Meaux & Edsall into the top slots though. In January of this year, Edsall & Meaux along with fellow ref Rick Randall (cool name by the way) were assigned to work the Colorado versus Kansas State game in Boulder. What resulted was a game with 68 personal foul calls, one technical foul and a grand total of  94 free throws along with I am assuming a very angry Frank Martin who probably made a couple of bad faces that day.

Third on this list is referee Randy Heimerman whose 7 conference games resulted in an average of 45.4 fouls called while Dan Chrisman is closing in at a clip of 44.4 fouls per game. Once you get past Chrisman the average number of fouls for the next person on the list drops down to Tom Eades at a figure of 42.7, almost 2 less fouls a game. On the flip side the referee with the lowest average foul called game is Warren Evans whose 5 conference games only resulted in an average of 32.6 fouls per game.

Below are the numbers for some notable name referees that some fans would probably recognize.

Ed Hightower - 7 Conference Games - Average of 38.9 fouls per game

Steve Welmer - 5 Conference Games - Average of 41.6 fouls per game

Kipp Kissinger- 11 Conference Games - Average of 36.5 fouls per game

I don't know how well known Kissinger is compared to Hightower and Welmer but his name is kinda cool so I included him.

So what does this all mean? Well maybe the next time you go to the game and hear the announcement of any of these officials you along with the players should know what to expect and you should be able to plan your heckling accordingly.