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Dominique Sutton to Transfer from Kansas St.

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In a move that will make some Kansas State fans worry, it was confirmed on Friday that Dominique Sutton will transfer out of the program and will complete his senior year elsewhere. In a press release from Kansas State it was announced Sutton planned to transfer closer to his home in North Carolina where he has two small children.

A starter for majority of his three seasons, Sutton has been known as a lock-down defender while combining some flashes of offensive ability. When Sutton has been "on" on the offensive end of the floor KSU has been tough to beat. The frustrating fact for Wildcat fans is Sutton could almost disappear entirely for long stretches of a game.

It will be interesting to see how this will affect the chemistry of a team coming off an Elite Eight and losing a Senior starter in the offseason. This past season Sutton averaged 7.2 points and 5.8 rebounds.

The good news for Kansas State is that they should feel they have enough depth in their program to withstand this departure. The transfer will now open up more playing time for others possibly for incoming freshman Shane Southwell from New York.

The scholarship opening will be filled by St. Johns transfer Omari Lawrence into the Kansas State program.

Submitted by Joe Loyd, special to Big 12 Hoops