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Where I Come From: Top 10 Big 12 Storyline Heading Into the 2010-11 Season

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

Here, in no particular order are the top story lines for the upcoming Big 12 basketball season.

1. Will Texas Tech coach Pat Knight be on the sidelines in Lubbock after next season?

2. Colorado had a rising squad last year, but with a new coach and their eventual departure, can they match the level of play they had last year?

3. Texas was the biggest underachieving squad in the country last year. With two 5-star recruits coming in can they get their act together and play like a team?

4. Missouri has a bunch of talent returning and one of the best recruiting classes in the country coming in. Is this the year they reach the Final Four?

5. With LaceDarius Dunn returning and Uber freshman Perry Jones joining the team, can Baylor continue to be a feared team?

6.  Can Kansas win its 7th straight Big 12 regular season title?

7. Can Nebraska get any worse?

8. Last year the conference had the #1 RPI in the nation, can it keep its title as the toughest conference in the country?

9. Kansas St lost Denis Clemente and Dominique Sutton. Can they still compete at the top of the conference?

10. Texas A&M finished fourth in the conference last season, but lost Donald Sloan. Can they rebound?

What story lines would you add?

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