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SB Nation Announces Regional Hubs

We are proud to announce that SB Nation has begun to launch regional hubs. Regional Hubs will combine all blogs of a specific market into one centralized area. For example, in the Chicago Regional Hub you will find links and articles from the Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and local college blogs.

This is great news for anyone with a localized interest in sports teams.

The Initial launch yesterday brought in 6 Regional Hubs: Chicago, Boston, DC, Detroit, Arizona, New York.

Fans of the Big 12 should note the following launch dates of new Regional Hubs:

June 10 - Houston
June 10 - Dallas/Ft. Worth
June 14 - Kansas City
June 15 - St Louis
June 28 - Denver

(And who knows... if any of these rumors are true, Big 12 fans might also soon take interest in the LA, Bay Area and Seattle Regional Hubs slated to launch in late June and early July)