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Big 12 Transfers - Who's Coming In? Who's Heading Out?

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According to, here's a list of all the guys who have moved in and out of the Big 12 this off season.

Jeremy Adams, 6-5, G, RS Fr, Texas A&M

Carl Blair, 6-2, G, Fr., New Orleans to OKLAHOMA

Carlon Brown, 6-5, G, Jr., Utah to COLORADO

Dominique Buckley, 6-2, G., Soph., Iowa State to TOLEDO

Quincy Hankins-Cole, 6-8, F, Jr., Nebraska

Chris Colvin, 6-2, G, Fr., Iowa State

Givon Crump, 6-6, SG, Fr., Baylor

Justin Hamilton, 6-10, C, Soph., Iowa State to LSU

Myles Holley, 6-4, G, Soph., Nebraska

Keenan Hornbuckle, 6-0, G, Fr., Colorado

J’Mison Morgan, 6-10, C, Soph., UCLA to BAYLOR

Miguel Paul, 6-1, G, Soph., Missouri

Tyler Stone, 6-7, F, Fr., Missouri to SOUTHEAST MISSOURI

Ray Willis, 6-6, G, Soph., Oklahoma