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Answers to Five Questions For: Colorado Buffaloes Basketball

At the start of the season, ran a "Five Questions For..." segment asking the five most pressing questions of each team. In our continuing review of the season, here are the answers to those questions.

Five Questions For... Colorado basketball

1)       Now that Jeff Bzdelik is in his third year, can he bring a winning season to Boulder?

Technical answer: no. Emotional answer: yes. Though the Buffs ended their season 15-16 overall and 6-10 in conference play, CU was not the push over they have been in years past. Taking KU to overtime, winning on the road for the first time in 3 years, beating Baylor, Beating Oklahoma... all of these brought a winning attitude back to Boulder.

2)       If not, how much longer will the CU AD go on with the Bzdelik experiment?

By low, sell high. That's what Coach Bz did since the season has ended, parlaying a winning attitude into a promotion out east at Wake Forrest. So, even though CU AD Mike Bohn didn't end the Bz Experiment, the Bz Experiment was ended after last season.

3)       Can Cory Higgins perform up to his 08-09 level, when he placed fifth in the conference in scoring?

He can and he did, finishing the season as the conference's third leading scorer and upping his average 1.5 ppg to 18.9, even though he was now asharing the ball with another pro prospect, Alec Burks.

4)       Who else steps up for the Buffaloes?

Alec Burks, a freshman from the Kansas City area, who was passed over by both Missouri and Kansas, lit up the league for 17.1 ppg and 5 rpg. The Burks-Higgins-Marcus Relphorde trio was one of the best in the conference last season, and with all three coming back it will be some Must See TV this fall and winter.

5)       Will the Buffaloes improve upon last season's 1-15 conference record?

They will! In fact they will win 6 times more games this season than last.