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Season Recap: Texas A&M Aggies

Now that the college basketball season is officially over, we're going to take a look back at each Big 12 school to discuss their season. The rundown will go in order of conference standing. See the complete schedule after The Jump.

What Went Right:I'd say a lot went right for Texas A&M this season, although if you were to ask an Aggie around New Year's how their season would wind up, I doubt they'd figure they would finish in a 3-way tie for second in the conference. See on December 22, Derrick Roland, a senior leader for the Aggies went down with a gruesome leg injury that cost him the second half of his final season. To that point Roland was having a good, albeit not great, senior campaign, averaging just over 10 ppg. But instead of letting go, the Aggies mounted up and started playing some great basketball, going 11-5 in conference.  Led by 1st team all Big 12er, Donald Sloan and his 17.8 ppg, the Aggies tore through the conference, losing only one home game ( to Kansas by 5) and stopping the second longest active win streak (to that point) in the nation with a win in Columbia. BJ Holmes and Bryan Davis each also stepped up and each put in almost 10 points a game.

What Went Wrong:Well the Aggies seemed to have difficulty beating teams better than them. On the season the Aggies played 17 games against team who made the big dance. And of their 10 losses, all 10 were against those tourney teams.

Team MVP:Donald Sloan. Anyone beg to differ? Didn't think so... next topic.

Key Losses:Sloan graduates, as do Davis and Roland.

Outlook Next Year:It might not be as pretty in College Station as it was this year. It won't be as bad as some of those late 90, early 00 teams, but I foresee them finishing in the middle of the pack. Holmes and David Loubeau will try and fill the scoring column, but they can't replace Sloan's game.

Kansas - April 6
Kansas State - April 7
Baylor - April 8
Texas A&M - April 9
Missouri - April 12
Texas - April 13
Oklahoma State - April 14
Colorado - April 15
Texas Tech - April 16
Iowa State - April 19
Oklahoma - April 20
Nebraska - April 21

Evan Pfaff, Managing Editor
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