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Season Recap: Kansas St. Wildcats

Now that the college basketball season is officially over, we're going to take a look back at each Big 12 school to discuss their season. The rundown will go in order of conference standing. See the complete schedule after The Jump.

What Went Right: The stars aligned for K-State this season. Guards Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente turned the Wildcats into Must See TV. Their frenetic style of play harassed opponents and caused easy buckets on the other end. In half court sets, the Wildcats could rely on frontmen Curtis Kelly and Jamar Samuels to grab rebounds, which turned into easy put-backs or fast breaks the other way. Record wise K-State improved two conference wins from last year and finished tied for second with an 11-5 conference mark. They also earned a 2 seed in the tournament and went on a mini run before being ousted in the Elite 8 by everyone's surprise, Butler Bulldogs. In summary, this was a great season for the Wildcats, one they should be able to build upon as a program.

What Went Wrong: Not much, really. The Wildcats still couldn't beat their in-state rivals, but I think all Wildcats fans are happy with their school record 29 wins and run through the tourney.

Team MVP: The two-headed beast of Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente. Combined the guards averaged 36 ppg, 7.6 apg and 5.2 rpg. Without either of them, the other wouldn't have been as effective.

Key Losses: It's a shame that the Big 12 only got to experience Denis Clemente for two year, after he transferred from the University of Miami (FL) following his sophomore year.

Outlook Next Year: The Wildcats are poised to make a run at the conference championship next year. With the losses to KU, K-State might be the odds on favorite to claim the crown.

Kansas - April 6
Kansas State - April 7
Baylor - April 8
Texas A&M - April 9
Missouri - April 12
Texas - April 13
Oklahoma State - April 14
Colorado - April 15
Texas Tech - April 16
Iowa State - April 19
Oklahoma - April 20
Nebraska - April 21

Evan Pfaff, Managing Editor
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