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Answers to Five Questions For: Texas A&M Aggies Basketball

At the start of the season, ran a "Five Questions For..." segment asking the five most pressing questions of each team. In our continuing review of the season, here are the answers to those questions.

Five Questions For...Texas A&M basketball

1)       How can the Aggies replace Josh Carter?

Easy, with Donald Sloan. Sloan was the Aggies go-to guy this year and lit up the league with 17.8 ppg and earned second team conference honors on the Big 12 Hoops All Big 12 Team.

2)       Some publications think the Aggies will finish in the top 4 in the conference.  Can this team meet those expectations?

I should subscribe to these publications as I didn't have them in the upper tier. But to the enjoyment of said publications, the Aggies, in fact, fished tied for second, but placed fourth after all the tie breakers were figured out. Good prognostication.

3)       Mark Turgeon is in his third year in College Station.  Now that he has a roster made up of mostly his guys, can the Aggies crack the upper 1/3 of the conference?

Same answer as the previous question. When your team is watching the first round of the Big 12 tournament from a hotel, and not playing in it, you have done a good job throughout the regular season.

4)       Will the four freshman have the impact Turgeon is hoping for?

As a whole, no. Though Khris Middleton did get himself 7.2 ppg and 3.7 apg in his rookie campaign.

5)       The Aggies have made a school record 4 consecutive NCAA tournaments.  Will the streak continue this year?

It will, and it did.


As an aside, the question you readers selected as the most pressing at the start of the season was question 4 about the freshman impact. Goes to show you that the Aggies were looking to see who would step up for them this season.