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Answers to Five Questions For: Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

At the start of the season, B12H ran a "Five Questions For..." segment asking the five most pressing questions of each team. In our continuing review of the season, here are the answers to those questions.

Five Questions For... Kansas basketball

1) Can the Jayhawks meet preseason expectations of being ranked #1 nationally in a lot of publications?

I think #1 overall seed in the tournament answers that question, a 32-2 regular season and 15-1 conference record do as well. So in short, yes,

2) Can Kansas put their offseason troubles behind them?

If you remember, the football team and basketball team had a little unscheduled off field practice. It shook the campus and made national headlines. But again, in short, I would say yes, they left all fht off-court stuff off the court.

3) Exactly how good is freshman Xavier Henry?

Very good. Second on the team with 13.4 ppg complimented with 4.4 rpg. Big 12 freshman of the year. I'd say that's pretty good.

4) Will Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins both perform at All Big 12 levels?

Both made first team All Big 12. They shared the court and the press admirably.

5) Can anyone tell the Morris twins apart?

No, and part of the fun of watching Jayhawk basketball games is listening to the announcer try and differentiate the two.