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Season Recap: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Now that the college basketball season is officially over, we're going to take a look back at each Big 12 school to discuss their season. The rundown will go in order of conference standing. See the complete schedule after The Jump.

What Went Right: Hmmm, let's see. The Corn ended up 2-14 in conference and 15-18 overall. With numbers like those, you can say with a fair degree of certainty that not a lot went right this year for the team from Lincoln. They did topple a USC team that almost went .500 in a pitiful Pac-10. The beat Tulsa, who had previously beaten Oklahoma St. The defeated Oklahoma, back before we knew how bad Oklahoma would end up being, and defeated Mizzou in the Big 12 tournament. There... I think I just listed each notch on the 09-10 Corn belt.

What Went Wrong: Como se dice "Everything else"? I don't want to sugar coat it a bit, the Corn was BAD this year. Offensively they failed to crack 60 pts on 12 occasions.  If you are going to try and slow down the game, you need to shut down the opponents scoring also, but they held the opposition under 60 pts only twice in conference play... and both were losses.

Team MVP: Ryan Anderson was the only Husker to average double figure scoring this season, netting 11.3 ppg. He also led the squad in rebounding at 5.3 rpg.

Key Losses: Hopefully I have enough space to type in all these names. Sek Henry, Ryan Anderson, Quincy Hankins-Cole, Myles Holley, Ray Gallegos. As you can see, between graduation and transfers the Huskers are going to be hurting next year.

Outlook Next Year: If you take the best talent out of a team without much talent, you kinda are in for a world of hurt. Don't expect Nebraska to finish any higher next season than it did this one.

Kansas - April 6
Kansas State - April 7
Baylor - April 8
Texas A&M - April 9
Missouri - April 12
Texas - April 13
Oklahoma State - April 14
Colorado - April 15
Texas Tech - April 16
Iowa State - April 19
Oklahoma - April 20
Nebraska - April 21