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Season Recap: Colorado Buffaloes

Now that the college basketball season is officially over, we're going to take a look back at each Big 12 school to discuss their season. The rundown will go in order of conference standing. See the complete schedule after The Jump.

What Went Right: When you're predicted to finish last in conference and you finish any higher, the season might be considered a success.  But what about a team that is predicted to finish last in conference and finishes 8th? Well that is mind numbly amazing. Not only did CU accomplish that feat, but they won as many conference games -- 6 -- this year as the three previous seasons COMBINED. They also took conference champion Kansas to overtime, a moral victory, and won on the road against a D1 foe for the first time since December 22, 2007.  Repeat 2007. And they were tremendously fun to watch. Cory Higgins, Alec Burks, Marcus Relphorde all averaged double digits and turned CU from a half court, slow tempo (read as: SNOOZE) style to a more up-tempo style. So, yes, Buff fans will gladly take a 6-10 record knowing that the foundation is there to build upon.

What Went Wrong: Well, truth be told, moral victories can only go so far. And while the Buffs were entertaining and while they did win 6 games, at the end of the day they did go 6-10 in conference. Before they got their sea legs they also lost some horrific games to a terrible Oregon St team and at in-state rival Colorado St. So with all the fan fare they received a sub .500 overall record of 15-16 is still what will go into the history books.

Team MVP: There wasn't a single MVP, but rather once the tandem of Burks and Higgins got going, fans could no longer automatically mark down a CU game as an easy W. Their combined 36 ppg were the reason CU was who they were in 2009-10 and neither would have succeeded on that level without the other.

Key Losses: As I write this reports are swirling about the loss of Buff coach Jeff Bzdelik's departure. I am torn as to what to think on that one. On one hand coach Bz likes the slow tempo style, and might limit the games of Burks, Higgins and Relphorde. On the other hand, he did an all right job with them last year, so who knows.

Outlook Next Year: With the team they have in Boulder, I can see the momentum shifting upwards and see the Buffs as a middle of the pack team next year, moving up for their 8th slot this season, but not quite cracking the top tier... probably 6th or so in conference. 

Kansas - April 6
Kansas State - April 7
Baylor - April 8
Texas A&M - April 9
Missouri - April 12
Texas - April 13
Oklahoma State - April 14
Colorado - April 15
Texas Tech - April 16
Iowa State - April 19
Oklahoma - April 20
Nebraska - April 21

Evan Pfaff, Managing Editor
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