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Season Recap: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Now that the college basketball season is officially over, we're going to take a look back at each Big 12 school to discuss their season. The rundown will go in order of conference standing. See the complete schedule after The Jump.

What Went Right: By most measures Oklahoma St is probably at home right now, happy with the results of their year. Probably not giddy with excitement like some other Big 12 schools, but there isn't much to complain about. They had an entertaining year, which included handing Kansas their lone conference loss of the season. They had the Big 12 Player of the Year in James Anderson. They made the dance with a 22-11 record, 9-7 in conference. All told they had a good, but not spectacular season.

What Went Wrong: Besides the KU win, there weren't many Ws that stick out from the season. The throttling of a depleted Oklahoma team might come to mind, as would a Baylor W and a win in Manhattan the game after K-State defeated then #1 Txas, but all told, nothing really sticks out. A three game conference losing streak and losses to Rhode Island and Tulsa are probably what will stick in the minds of Cowboy fans.

Team MVP: GImme a second on this one... ok got it. Nope... lemme look again. Hmmm, tough one but I';m gonna side with James Anderson and his league-leading 22.3 ppg.

Key Losses: Guard Obi Muonelo graduates and Anderson has declared for the NBA draft.

Outlook Next Year: I don't foresee Ok State competing at the level they did this year. The losses of their two leading scorers in Anderson and Muonelo are just too huge to overcome. Keiton Page will be called upon to raise his scoring, but I envision a Willie Warren-type of decline in his scoring with Anderson's departure (just as Warren's scoring dropped with the departure of Blake Griffin). I see them hovering just under .500 in conference.

Kansas - April 6
Kansas State - April 7
Baylor - April 8
Texas A&M - April 9
Missouri - April 12
Texas - April 13
Oklahoma State - April 14
Colorado - April 15
Texas Tech - April 16
Iowa State - April 19
Oklahoma - April 20
Nebraska - April 21

Evan Pfaff, Managing Editor
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