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Survivor Big XII: Week 8 Tribal Council

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The Tribe has spoken.  It's time to go... Kansas Jayhawks AND Mizzou Tigers.

Uhhh, 1567 votes were cast this week. That's right... 1567 votes. Which is only, oh, 15 times the normal number of votes cast during a typical Survivor week. And of the 1567 votes, a single vote was punched for K-State, so I can unequivocally say that they deserve to be in the final round.

The other 1566 votes were spread amongst the other three school, which made sense, considering they all had lost one the previous week.

Of the remaining 1566 votes, Kansas received 648 (41%) and Mizzou 535 (34%). The next lowest man on the totem poll, a good thing in Survivor, was Texas A&M with 383 (24%) votes.

Hopefully the Survivor momentum will continue into next week's finale, where the Wildcats and Aggies will duke it out for the trophy, crown or whatever cheap tchotchke (yes, I did have to look up the spelling)  I come up with and decide to present to somebody in some way related to the winning school.

So come back on Monday and vote who will REMAIN on Big 12 Island.

See who is left, and who has been kicked off, after The Jump

Baylor - Kicked off February 24 after a win vs Tech and a loss at Oklahoma St. Received 60% of the vote.
Colorado - Kicked off February 10 after home losses to Kansas and Missouri. Received 37% of the vote.
Iowa St. - Kicked off January 27 after losses at Texas Tech and at Kansas. Received 45% of the vote.
Kansas - Kicked off March 3 after win vs Oklahoma and loss to Oklahoma St.

Kansas St.

Missouri - Kicked off March 3 after win vs Colorado and loss to K-State.
Nebraska - Kicked off January 20 because of home losses to Kansas and Iowa State. Received 30% of the vote.
Oklahoma - Kicked off January 13 because of loss at Baylor 91-60. Received 45% of the vote.
Oklahoma St. - Kicked off February 10 after home losses to Texas and Texas Tech. Received 40% of the vote.
Texas - Kicked off February 17 after home loss to Kansas and win vs Nebraska. Received 51% of the vote.

Texas A&M

Texas Tech - Kicked off February 3 after road losses to Texas and A&M. Received 72% of the vote.

Evan Pfaff, Managing Editor
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