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Bracket Busted - How's Yours?

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Well, for the first time in recorded history i went 0fer the Final Four. Predicting none of the teams who advanced to Indianapolis.

I admittedly went 'homer-style' with the picks, suggesting that 3 Big 12 schools would comprise 3/4 of the Final Four. Kansas was my 'sure thing.' I'd seen them play umpteen times this year, and aside from the 2 regula season losses I really didn't see any chinks in their armor. They had talent, size, speed, seniority. They seemingly had it all, all expcept for an answer to Northern Iowa.

Kansas St also had skill, speed and seniority. I took a flyer in advancing them out of the West, but like KU, I'd seen their best, and thought it could play out in March.

Baylor was the biggest stretch of the bunch, but still they were a three-seed... and were playing the 16 and 8 infront of a partisan Texas-sized crowd. In my somewhat warped, yet logically sound mind, playing in Texas with Tweety carter at the helm all added up to a W over Duke. Alas, I was wrong on that pick as well.

My final Final Four team was Kentucky. Everyone was saying they didn't have the experience to keep winning in March. That a team of freshman couldn't cut down the nets, but I saw raw talent and a desire to win. I obviously wasn't wearing my glasses.

So there you have it... at one point i was in the 93rd percentile out of the 4 million Tournament Challenge brackets submitted. i haven't looked at my standing since Thursday, because I don't want to deflate my ego too much. Let's just say that with the way things turned out, I might have to leave my biases in check next year. Remind me.