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Previewing Saturday's Big 12 Elite 8 Game - Predictions and Commentary

Before I start, lemme get this off my chest. I used to call this round the "Great Eight." makes sense, right? It rhymes. it is great. There is nothing wrong with that. But apparently because "Final Four" is alliteration, as is "Sweet 16," the powers that be determined that this round should be called the "Elite Eight."

I'm not buying what they're selling, though.

Ok, I feel better. As for the games...


(2) Kansas St vs (5) Butler - 2:30p ET

Am I wrong or is there no way that Butler wins this game? i mean, come on. Butler? K-State is coming off an epic, almost once a generation, game and have the guard combination to beat anyone left in the tourney. Butler is a great story. A "Hoosiers" tale, if you will. An underdog team from Indiana, coming out and performing on a big stage. Can't you see "Hickory" written across their chests?

But this ain't ollywood. This is the Great Eight (yeah, I said it). this is reality. And for the Butler Bulldogs, reality bites.

I see Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente running the show, setting the tempo. i see Curtis Kelly ans Jamar Samuels using their big bodies to manhandle the undersized Bulldogs.

has this been written about Butler before (especially before the Syracuse game)? Sure, probably before every game they've played against a top team, but this time it'll come true.

Next Game

Butler Bulldogs
@ Kansas St. Wildcats

Saturday, Mar 27, 2010, 3:30 PM CDT
NCAA Tournament - West Regional Final - Energy Solutions Arena - Salt Lake City, UT

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